The Wellington Neurosurgery Team succesfully clipped a cerebral aneurysm situated on the ACOM


The Wellington Neurosurgery Team succefully clipped a cerebral areurysm situated on the anterior communication artery (ACOM) in a 55year aold man on 13th January 2016. this operation lasted for about 4hours.

The team of surgeons include Dr Biodun Ogunbo, Dr Charles Ugwuanyi, Dr alvan Ukachukwu. Neuroanaesthesia was conducted by a team of anaesthestists led by Dr Solanke Olagbalekan.

Post op CT Angio done 4weeks post op. shows a well positioned titanium aneurysm clip completly occluding and securing the ACOM aneurysm. A well preserved proximal and distal circulation is demonstrated by a well A1 and A2 segments of the ACA bilaterally.

Clinically, patient developed communicating hydrocephalus 4 weeks post op which was promptly treated with a ventriculoperitoneal shunt.

Patient has remained stable since then.

The Wellington is indeed happy with this outcome and hopes to help more people.



25 Mar, 2016
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