About Us

The Wellington Clinics, established 22nd of February 2011, is a private, free-standing specialist hospital located temporarily in a beautiful, quiet, and secure area of Maitama district, Abuja Nigeria.

Her Permanent site is under construction at Dape District , Life camp, Abuja. 

A wide range of health care treatment options are available for children, adolescents and adults with different health issues. 


Wellington clinics has been designed, and furnished with the most advanced medical and surgical technologies available in the world. The aid of our medical equipments, have enhanced effective delivery of quality care to our patients. The main focus is Neurology, Neurological and Spinal surgery, and we are working towards its recognition as a regional centre of excellence in this discipline.


We are also working in collaboration with other specialties such as Neuro-anaesthesia, Internal Medicine, Oncology, General & Endoscopic surgery, OB/GYN etc. to provide quality care to our teaming patients.

Having well-trained medical and nursing staff, and stern quality guidelines, Wellington Clinics is set to maintain and improve its bequest of providing the best health care facilities to achieve its aim towards efficient health care delivery.

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